Sheila Hodges has been in ministry over 31 years.  Being called to the ministry by Father God she was ordained as a Christian minister by Crossroads Theological Seminary 3/03/2004.

On 4/11/2009 she received a Pastoral Ordination by Yahovah Eloheen Ministries.

She have been a member at YEM for 15+ years.

She  attends church regularly.  She is a Pastor/Bible Teacher and a Missions Coordinator. She’s not a paid staff member. It is her Christian service. Also, She work with other churches and volunteers to serve the homeless people.

Sheila attended AMES Christian International School of Ministry/ AMES Christian  University in Florida and finished various Biblical Studies (Old/New Testament), Applying Biblical Studies personally (Kingdom Living), in the community (Evangelism), and special application ((teaching the word in church , jail and prison)

As of August 2008 she officially began her role as a Home Missionary when God is Greater Homeless Outreach Ministry began the Homeless Outreach Ministry (service).


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